Sunday, November 29, 2015

Looking for Mud

Several years ago, like 10, Mr. Lucky and I strolled into the local motorcycle shop and bought two brand new, shiny 4-wheelers. Ok. Mr. Lucky bought two brand new, shiny 4-wheelers. Mine is blue. Mr. Lucky settled on camouflage. (Some Californians refer to them as "quads".) Four Wheelers are what you graduate to when motorcycle riding is no longer a real good option. My last ride on my Yamaha 175 Enduro resulted in me on the ground somewhere between a rock and a hard place.  Mr. Lucky wisely
thought maybe my motorcycle riding days were behind me.

An interesting point is that our wheelers are just now nicely broken in and some of our cronies are upgrading to side-by-sides....or as I like to call them "baby jeeps". They come equipped with heaters, sound systems, radial tires, and a host of other options. Did I mention doors and windshields?

It would follow that we like to ride our wheelers once in a while. I sort of lean toward riding in what I like to call "perfect weather".  That would be a nice morning following a rainy night.  Not too hot...not too cold.  Rainy nights equal mud. If there is an abundance of mud there is likely to be lots less dust.  Dust, of course, is the enemy.

So...a few weeks ago we loaded our wheelers.   Ok. Mr. Lucky loaded our wheelers, along with the necessary sandwiches, water, soda pop, Vienna sausages, and spare clothes/coats. There may have even been a cold beer someplace.   Off we went to meet some of our buddies.... in search of mud.

We found some. We went so far as to test it for depth. It was adequate. While poking around with our sticks (not our wiener-roaster sticks) we were unable to locate any lost treasures, dead things, or riding partners.

Our riding adventures sometimes are rich with wildlife sightings. One of our cronies caught a glimpse of a moose. Luckily none of us had Moose Burgers in our lunch packs. It’s hard to explain to an 1800 pound moose why you are eating their cousins.

Some things we just can’t seem to get away from...even in the woods. Like road construction. Do the road construction folks just set up their clever little signs when they suspect that Mr. Lucky and I will be coming along? Makes me wonder.

How about a cabin in the woods? We found one of those, too. I am not ready to move to far away from a grocery store. What if I ran out of milk?

So if you happen to be in the woods. Look for me. I’ll be the one stuck in the mud wearing a burgundy colored helmet.