Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Life in T-shirts

My Life in T-shirts

My clothes closet sort of defines my life. After I leave this world and go to the ‘Happy Bargain Hunting Ground’ I can imagine someone (probably my nieces) going through my stash of clothes and extracting a boatload of t-shirts. With each new discovery someone will say, "What was she thinking?".

Right off the bat they’ll notice that I am a baseball fan, noting that I have Seattle Mariners and Red Sox shirts, along with a pristine Ken Griffey, Jr. The thinking here is that if I wear it it might wear out. Who would want that to happen? I am not opposed to football, NASCAR, or Harley Davidson shirts, but I just don’t happen to have any of those.

School spirit. My school mascot was Orofino Maniacs. Was and is. That explains the embroidered Maniacs t-shirt.

Sometimes t-shirts showing my travels follow me home. Laughlin and Reno, Nevada. I had one from Pahrump, NV. It has since become a handy dust rag. In my collection they will find Boston and Cape Cod, Mass. shirts along with one depicting all the states Route 66 passed through.

Moving along to the hobby and interest section I have several which support our local 4-wheeler riding group that read "Got Trails?" on the fronts. The backs say PLAY, an acronym for Public Land Access Year round. It does not mean Please Leave A Youngun. Take your kids with you when you leave.

I have long since worn out the one that read "The one who dies with most fabric wins." Keeping with the humorous theme I have one that reads "If you mess with me, you’ll have to deal with the whole trailer park." My RV cronies think that one is particularly appropriate. Then there is the pretty pink number that says "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted against you."  Lest we not forget the 2nd amendment.  I have the that reads "Cowboys Leave Your Guns at the Bar". 

T-shirts to wish you a Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day are sprinkled into the mix. At one time I had one that read "Bah Humbug". I am a self-appointed cheerleader for the USA and have several t-shirts to back this up.

My Americana flavored ones head my favorites list.  I figured out a long time ago you don't have to wait for the 4th of July to show your American Spirit.  It's always ok.

 A perfect shirt might  be Ken Griffey, Jr. holding the flag (American) in one hand, a Royal Flush in spades in the other, with a baseball bat propped up nearby. Oh, yeah. He’s in a Mariner’s uniform.

In the meantime I'll be browsing the t-shirt selection in a local shop.  Let me know if you run across one you think I might take a liking to.