Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beautiful Downtown Clarkia, Idaho

This past weekend Mr. Lucky and I ventured to Clarkia, Idaho. A town located in the southwest corner of Shoshone County it boasts of a population of over 50. There is a bar/convenience store and a Post Office and not a whole lot more. Our purpose was to camp with friends, take part in an ATV ride, and enjoy the great outdoors. Missions accomplished.

I would like to make it perfectly clear that when I say ‘camp’ I mean in the comforts of a suitably sized recreational vehicle which will be hereafter referred to as an RV. Gone are the days of ‘roughin’ it. None of that cooking over a campfire, attempting to sleep on the ground on a flat piece of plastic that used to be an air mattress, or carrying water from a nearby creek. (In these parts that is pronounced crick).

We don’t have all the comforts, like satellite TV or maid service like a Holiday Inn, but we can fire up the generator and brew a pot of java with the Mr. Coffee. Mr. Lucky is not too crazy about running the generator so I can blow dry my hair. I have to make a few sacrifices. No dishwasher, either, but we are equipped with propane heated water.

Anyway...there we were just 12 miles or so away from the Hobo National Forest. So at the stroke of noon or so we ventured off on our 4 wheelers to have a look. It’s a beautiful clump of old cedar trees nestled in the forest at about 4300 feet. The area is complete with picnic tables at the trail head and the most essential ‘outhouse’. There is a nice path meandering through the trees, complete with markers to let you know what you are viewing. You can revel in the wonder of nature.

Speaking of the wonder of nature, I can’t tell you about bear, but moose do poop in the woods. The moose who dropped the droppings we saw apparently found the groomed trail much easier to travel than in the dense trees and brush. The trail was quite littered with his droppings. Who knows. Maybe he had some friends along. They probably party as soon as the tourist season is over. In Clarkia the winters are quite long.

If you have a burning desire to look at a map of the Hobo National Forest click this link.,-116.138601:0:Hobo%20Cedar%20Grove,%20United%20States:map:0