Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Fun

Anything penned by Dave Barry catches my eye. That was the case as I was thumbing through the magazine (?) that’s tucked inside the Sunday paper. There in black and white was a column written by Dave Barry with suggestions for a successful Super Bowl Party. Mr. Barry is married to a sports writer so my guess is that he knows all the ins and outs of putting on a Super Bowl Party.

His column did not disappoint. He suggested that the first thing to do was to lay in a supply of beer. None of that light stuff, either. Real full-bodied beer. He didn’t suggest Pete’s Wicked Ale, but I’m pretty sure it would do. Chips was the next item. No need get all "Martha Stewart-y" he says. Skip the bowls and just pass out bags to everyone. I’m thinking that would sure eliminate a lot of that pesky cleanup, too. If you have enough beer Dave says a TV is optional.

For a number of years I hawked fabric in my fabric shop. I had a different twist on Super Bowl Sunday. A fabric sale. Not just ho-hum fabric sale. This was a big deal. I would schedule the "event" to start before the pre-game festivities and keep it going until the last touchdown dance was performed. The idea of buying fabric at 40% off seemed to have its appeal to a lot of my customers. Oh....I had chips, too. Beer wasn’t necessary. However, I am not sure but what a few of the ladies didn’t sneak in wine coolers.

As with anything involving women and fabric sales, I had to have rules in place. No pushing, shoving, or grabbing another person’s fabric. There was to be no mention of the score of the game. The most important rule was this: What happens in the fabric shop stays in the fabric shop. There was to be no tongue wagging about how much Bertha spent on fabric or what Harriet had to say about her worthless son-in-law.

In keeping with this line of and sales and the like.... If you can’t find a fabric sale, look for a shoe sale. They are almost as much fun. Whatever it takes without having to spend hours pretending to enjoy a ball game that doesn’t even have a pitcher. If all else fails you can stroll through used car lots and get the sales staff out of the office. Think how much they will appreciate the opportunity to get out of the office where the TV is.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Year’s Resolutions....or lack thereof

So...what with January of the New Year about over this is the time when most people have abandoned their less than sincere resolutions to continue the bad habits they have spent years acquiring. That is pretty much why I don’t waste my time making resolutions. There is no point in creating false hope.

It occurred to me that if one didn’t make resolutions they might be inclined to have dreams. You know, like a Bucket List. So in no particular order I started asking folks what was on their bucket lists. Most people had to stop and think about it, not having it on the tip of their tongue. For a couple folks I had to explain what a Bucket List was. Cutting to the chase I found that most folks had travel on their list. That is no doubt because I asked mostly "senior citizens"...the ones who have time to travel. Not one person I asked had bungee jumping on their list. Nor sky diving. Not one person mentioned snorkeling. (I added snorkeling because I find the word amusing. "Hey, George. Did you get any snorkeling in today?" "No Henry. I had to shuck oysters so I couldn’t snorkel." ) Back to my story..... Some picked destinations that they had already been with the idea of visiting family. Cruises topped the list for several people. One adventurous woman wanted to shoot an elk. Well, guess what? She did it. One guy said his bucket was dented.
Now with all this chit chat about Bucket Lists I thought I would share my list. At the very top is a trip down the Mississippi River on a river boat. Did you see the movie Maverick with James Garner? That kind of river boat. A great big, grand one with gambling and maid service. I realize this is going to be costly. So....if the 12 or 14 of you who read this would start sending me money, say, every month or so, in a couple of years I would have enough saved up to finance this endeavor.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my travel plans.