Saturday, September 5, 2015

Change is Good

Change is Good

I have noticed that some folks buy, trade, sell, and otherwise obtain automobiles with much more frequency than Mr. Lucky and I do. I have cars that I have owned longer than some of my shoes....and I’m a shoe nut.   

Because we have plenty of places to park cars, pickups, motor homes, motorcycles, and 4 wheelers I decided it was time to buy yet another car;  one of those ever-popular SUVs. This one will tow nicely behind the motor home and has comfortable back seat for Bonnie. The most important thing to consider is the color. Well that, and Bonnie’s comfort. The tow vehicle must, (I repeat MUST) match the color of your motor home. We have been towing a blue pickup behind the blue/white motor home, so a white Tracker will do quite nicely. Now I have to take back all those things I have said about white vehicles. Never mind that I said that people who favored white cars didn’t have much, if any, imagination. Forget all that. I once made similar comments about vests and wearing vests. Then I got one. Needless to say I like vests.

Anyway, back to the subject...automobiles and the like. Let me tell you there is nothing more unsavory than a $250,000 motor home towing a BMW that doesn’t match. It’s just plain unacceptable. Fortunately Mr. Lucky and I don’t have to be bothered by that. No $250,000 moho or, for that matter, a BMW. But if we do find ourselves in that situation you can rest assured the BMW will match the motor home.

Moving along, meet my newly acquired, color coordinated Geo Tracker. I usually name most stuff I buy, build, or otherwise acquire. I started to call it "Bentley". That just didn’t fit. Maybe it’s because one of my cronies has a doxie named Bentley. Mr. Lucky refers to it as "Tracker". Not really catchy and hardly original, but when I call it by that name, it comes. What more could you ask for? So "Tracker" it is.

Speaking of vehicles and their colors, Tracker is the first non-red or reddish car I have purchased since 1973. That was a Buick Skylark. A muscle car.... and a thing of beauty. Two door, hardtop, V8 350. The ashtray got full so I traded it off for a really red Toyota Celica. Since then we have had 2 more Buicks, both red, and a reddish Firebird. Change is good, but I have come out of two different grocery stores looking for a red car only to have a head-slap moment and then I grasp onto the idea that I wasn’t looking for a red car.

Now that the spell has been broken, I might be able to buy more non-red cars. I won’t let anything but common sense stand in my way. Oh, yeah. And money.