Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Gift Buying Guide

I have taken it upon myself to give you some hints for gift buying for your loved ones or even casual acquaintances. If you follow these few simple guidelines it will help you to have a merrier Christmas. (Well, it could).

I’ll start with the ladies.....

#1. She doesn’t want a paid up membership to Weight Watchers for a year, or even a month. She may want it, but she sure as heck doesn’t want you to buy it for her. While we are on the subject make sure you know the answer to the question "Does this dress make me look fat?" Correct answer..."Of course not".

#2. After perusing # 1 you really shouldn’t have to be told not to get her a membership to a gym. But just in case, I’ll add that one next.

#3. Kitchen appliances and gadgets are ok if you tuck in a little something extra. Like, say, under the lid of that beautiful new blender you insert a new gold bracelet, or tickets to see her favorite singer.

#4. Her favorite perfume is a good choice. Notice that I said favorite. Don’t come up with a fragrance that she doesn’t like.

#5. Gift certificates always fit. Chances are you will not be able to buy her clothes, shoes, handbags or jewelry that she will like. So why not take easy way out. However, make sure it comes from one of her favorite shops. If she would rather watch paint dry than cook, don’t give her a gift card from a kitchen store.

#6. Don’t try to slip in a gift for yourself disguised as one for her. A new ratchet set is not likely to be on her wish list.

Now for the guys......

#1. Slippers, ties, bathrobes....they are out for most men.

#2. Unlike kitchen appliances power tools are always a good choice. I watched enough episodes of Home Improvement to know this. If memory serves me correctly the words Turbo Charged will make a power tool even more attractive.

#3. His favorite liquor is a good choice and at Christmastime you might be able to find a bottle of something in a handsome gift box or package.

#4. Before you pick up a year’s supply of his favorite fragrance check to see if he has a couple year’s worth in the cabinet already from Christmases past.

# 5. Again with the gift certificates. They work for men, too. The same silly rules apply.

#6. I haven’t conducted a survey, but I am guessing that most men would not be all excited about a gizmo for trimming nose hair. You decide.

I hope this helps you to have a Merry Christmas and frees you up from having to exchange unwanted gifts. Happy New Year, too.