Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Shoe Dilemma

While at my computer one morning, still in my jammies, with my luke warm coffee on my desk, I decided it was time to investigate the workings of Dogpile.  A side note: I do a bit of “search engine details” for hire for clients with websites to help them get a better foothold in the search engines.

So in that endeavor I decided to check out Dogpile. It’s a search engine and newsy website with a canine theme. Instead of ‘search’ you click on the box that reads ‘Go Fetch’. Clever, don’t you think?  What better way to find out how they are doing but to enter one’s own name?  My name came up straightaway showing my business, my former business, my address, a facebook entry, and a blip in my cousin’s blog, KelloggBlogging/  These were scattered about on pages one and two. One page 3 the first listing was for Zappo’s Shoes. Go figure. How does Dogpile know about my shoe thing? I will admit that I have been to Zappos’ website, but I swear to the shopping gods I didn’t buy even one pair of shoes. I usually buy my shoes in person. We have a great little shoe shop here in Orofino. (By the way, they have a great reasonably priced selection of leather handbags, too). I rarely buy shoes on-line. Mind you, I am not opposed to buying them that way, but it’s the trying them on thing that gets in the way. Unlike toothbrushes, I want to make sure they will fit to eliminate the agony of returning them. Let me make this clear, personally I am not opposed to any shoe buying. None.

I now have a dilemma. If my shoe fixation is exposed on the wide world web it might be a good time to do something about it. Like decreasing the number of shoes in my “collection” might be a place to start. In my search for shoes to get rid of, I found only one pair worthy of going into the donation bag. A like-new pair of Saucony running shoes shifted to the top. I’m sure you have guessed that I don’t run, but it’s ok to have the shoes. I try not to sweat, too, and I own a couple of sweatshirts.

One pair was all I could sacrifice. I thought I would have a cold glass of Iced Tea and tackle this shoe purging later. Later like next week.

So before the week is out so are the Saucony shoes. Out of the bag and right back in the pile with the rest of my shoes. I couldn’t bear to part with them. They are practically brand new. Who could blame me?